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What is
AGC Certified Processor ?

AGC Certified Processors are well-qualified and experienced independent glass fabricators who have been certified to handle and process AGC high-performance glass products. They have full capabilities for cutting, edging, toughening, laminating and insulating glass unit.
Why choose an
AGC Certified Processor ?
  • They are well-trained on proper fabrication of high-performance magnetron glass and temperable decorative glass.
  • They undergo a certification audit and training periodically by AGC which ensures a commitment to excellence in supplying AGC Processed Glass.
  • They continually expand their expertise and capabilities to meet rigorous standards for glass fabrication.

In addition, AGC Certified Processors have access to AGC's exclusive glass performance calculation database and the support of AGC TAS team. This prepares them to respond to any building specification requests promptly and efficiently.

Find an
AGC Certified Processor

With our wide network of certified processors, you can find a suitable processor to support your project needs for high-performance glass.

For Asia Pacific regions, please click here.

For Europe and North America regions, please visit www.agc-yourglass.com

How to be an
AGC Certified Processor ?

If you are interested to be an AGC Certified Processor, please contact your local AGC representative for assistance.

You may also download the AGC Processor Certification Program leaflet to learn more.

Technical Documents ?

Contact us for more detail.

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